Reach Out, Build Up, Send Back (print version)

In 2019, the 60th Overseas Christian Fellowship (Australia) convention sparked an initiative to investigate and preserve the history of the organisation. This came out of a realisation that founding members were now in their eighties. Unless urgent action was taken, some of the history would be lost forever. In the last four years, a heritage team has been interviewing people who’ve been involved from the 1950s until the present.

Come with us on a journey to hear their stories, follow the highs and lows, and see how God calls forth long-lasting fruit out of the fleeting years of our student days.


‘I came from a traditional Buddhist family. When I came to Australia to study in high school in 1971, I was an atheist. One person tried to share with me the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had so many questions for him, but he couldn’t answer them. … [I came to know the Lord] through the ministry of OCF, especially through Lim Kim Bew and his wife, Judy, who are ex-OCFers. They have been very good in reaching out to overseas students, opening their home and showing us the love. Many of us came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, not only because of the Gospel, but also the love of this couple, plus missionaries who have returned from China, because of their commitment to the ministry of OCF. The missionaries couldn’t go back to China, but their heart for the Lord to reach out to the Chinese was still with them. There were many Chinese in OCF, so they stayed in OCF and ministered to many of us.’

— Chris Chua, OCF Australia

chairperson 1976, 1977, co-chair with Koo Tuk Su in 1981


The Journey Back and the Journey Onwards

Peggy continues her now-deceased father, Eric Lewinsohn’s, autobiography about his parents’ murder at Auschwitz and his escape from Nazi Germany and his life on the other side of those tragic events.