All of the offered services are OPTIONAL, you may choose to manage any of them yourself or pay us to do the work for you if you wish.

Initial assessment – $20 – (read excerpt, cover letter and synopsis and recommend services required) 
Basic Proofreading – $1 per page** (scan a clean manuscript for typos and occasional simple errors)
Minimal editing
– $2 per page** (check manuscript over for typos or common grammatical and other similar issues)
Heavy editing
 – $5 per page** – (check spelling and grammar closely and send notes about what needs attention)
Writer coaching
– $10 per page** – (check the above, as well as noting clarity, readability and style to give detailed notes)
typesetting – $1 per page** of the final MS (set and justify the text in correctly sized pages with consistent formatting and add index, numbers, copyright page etc. as required to make the book ready for publication.) ***
Epub conversion – $1 per page** (convert a clean manuscript to an epub for ebook upload) ***
Basic book cover – $50 (layout of text and image to fit the dimensions of the book – cost of sourcing or creating images or specific fonts not included) if you wish to provide a finished book cover, a PDF template can be provided for $20 to ensure your cover will fit the finished book.
ISBN – $15 each. A new ISBN is required for a paperback, ebook or hard cover edition of a book to be sold. You don’t need an ISBN if you don’t want to sell your book to the public. You can buy your own ISBN if you want to manage your own publishing.
Upload for distribution –  $20 per ISBN. ISBN and upload are necessary to be published by Immortalise, but not needed if you plan to self publish.
Legal deposit – books published in Australia need to be submitted to the national and state libraries. this can be done for $10 for a digital version, or if you prefer a physical copy to exist in the library, then it will cost $100 to have a single physical copy of your book printed and mailed in. You may opt to buy a copy and mail it yourself.
Revisions – We charge $50 per hour for troubleshooting and revisions. We typically waive this fee initially for the first instance – minor issues will often be dealt with quickly at no additional charge, but after initial minor issues this fee will be applied. Any revisions that are required more than a month after the books release will attract additional fees.

**For our purposes a page is 250 words or an image to be inserted into the text and prices are in AU$
You can check our FAQ page for some tips about cleaning your MS up for submission.

*** an inserted image counts as a page on its own, regardless whether it takes up a whole page or not – this includes maps, diagrams and other appendices. Poetry is charged per actual page regardles of number of words. picture books are charged at $5 per actual page regardless of number of words. Text that is heavy on textual design starts at $5 per page and may go up with complexity.

other cost factors

 Illustration costs vary widely depending on what is required. READ MORE. Immortalise can provide illustration in house, or we can source some illustrators to provide their own quotes for your book. Illustration is by far the biggest expense in many cases.

 – if you want a physical proof copy before your book becomes available for sale, it will typically cost around $30, including postage. (Some larger books exceed this amount.)

 – as the author, you will be able to buy your book at cost (typically about $6 each – depending on page number – not including postage or GST) and you can sell them for however much you choose and keep the profits. 

You will never be required to buy any copies and there will never be a minimum requirement for an order, but postage is more economical with a few more books (5 or 6 is usually a good number to get a reasonable postage deal.)

We will make your book available (if you permit) for sale online to the public, usually for between $10 and $25 and anyone will be able to order copies mailed directly. 

Immortalise can host your book and act as a publisher for no charge (we add our logo to your cover and have our company details inside your book) provided we are satisfied with the quality and willing to be associated with the content.

Alternatively, we can walk you through the process of hosting and managing your own book on Ingram Spark for $50 (an hour of tutorial time to talk you through the process and answer questions) after which you will be able to self publish and host your own book without any further help from us.