editing services


Initial assessment – $20 – (read excerpt, cover letter and synopsis and recommend services required)
Basic Proofreading – $1 per page (check a clean MS over for typos and occasional simple errors)
Minimal editing
 – $2 per page (check MS over for typos or common grammatical and other similar issues)
Heavy editing
 – $5 per page – (check spelling and grammar closely and send notes about what needs attention)
Writer coaching
– $10 per page – (check the above, as well as noting clarity, readability and style to give detailed notes)
typesetting – $1 per page of the final MS (I will set and justify the text in correctly sized pages with consistent formatting and add index, numbers, copyright page etc to make the book ready for publication.)

**For our purposes a page is 250 words and prices are in AU$
You can check our FAQ page for some tips about cleaning your MS up for submission.

other cost factors

 Illustration costs vary widely depending on what is required. READ MORE

 – a basic cover design will cost $50 if you supply the images and required text. (we can source stock images cheaply)
 – an ISBN will cost $15
 – uploading a new book to the online publishing system typically costs about $80
 – if you want a physical proof copy before your book becomes available for sale, it will cost up to $30, including postage, but at this stage, if you make any alterations you will need to pay the uploading fee again.
 – as the author, you will be able to buy your book at cost (about $6 each not including postage or GST) and you can sell them for however much you choose and keep the profits. 

You will never be required to buy any copies and there will never be a minimum requirement for an order, but postage is more economical with a few more books (5 or 6 is usually a good number to get a reasonable postage deal.)

We will make your book available (if you permit) for sale online to the public for between $10 and $25 and anyone will be able to order copies mailed directly. 

Immortalise can host your book and act as a publisher for no charge (we add our logo to your cover and have our company details inside your book) provided we are satisfied with the quality and willing to be associated with the content.

Alternatively, we can walk you through the process of hosting and managing your own book on Ingram Spark for $50 (an hour of tutorial time to talk you through the process and answer questions) after which you will be able to self publish and host your own book without any further help from us.