Bones and Blue Eyes and Other Stories of Life


An anthology of stories of faith.

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An anthology of true life stories of the faith and religious experiences of regular people.

Bones and Blue Eyes is the seventh anthology in the Stories of Life series, true stories of ordinary people experiencing a connection with the divine in the context of their ‘ordinary’ lives. They are electricians, accountants, butchers, mothers, preachers, children; people grieving, people rejoicing, people helping and being helped. In each story we see individuals believing, however shakily, in a God who cares and comes to them. The writers are honest about pain, doubt, poor choices, unjust circumstances, fear…This is not a collection of neat stories, perfect doctrine, and pasted smiles. On the contrary, many are unfinished stories of people who simply acknowledge that, along their way, the God of love meets them. Stories of Life will encourage, refresh, challenge, entertain and inspire you.

this (2022 edition) is the seventh book in the series.

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