Conscience Outsourced


an examination of the relationship between conscience, ethics, politics and the law.

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‘I don’t need a conscience. I’ve outsourced it to the law. If I obey the law my conscience is clear’.

Is it really that simple?

Conscience is a survival tool for humankind, hammered out over millennia on the anvil of life experience. It is where our ideas of morality, right and wrong, fairness and honour live. If we outsource these to the law we need to be sure that it will be in safe hands.

In this book the author discusses such difficult concepts as ‘ (not in accord with conscience), actions which are ‘unconscionable but not illegal’, and actions which are profitable but not honourable.

This book investigates the link between democracy and conscience, arguing that democracy needs support from the conscience. We show that at the base of every threat to democracy is an unconscionable act.

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