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Patrick Crabtree and his sister Janet are faced with the task of going through their father’s belongings and preparing the family farm for sale after his death. The difficult relationship they had with their father, especially after the loss of their mother, was always going to make this a painful task. What they discover in the process, however, changes everything they thought they knew about their family. The question for Patrick and Janet is whether these revelations will further drive their own lives into dysfunctionality, or whether, just perhaps, they might provide the impetus for healing.

In Crabtree, King takes the reader on a nostalgic journey into a past that was never what it seemed, explores a present filled with regret for what might have been, and suggests a future that still holds hope.

“Reminiscent of R J Waller’s Bridges of Madison County, Crabtree will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has struggled with unresolved relationships. Set in the picturesque farmlands of Michigan, Susan Zerlaut King, delights the reader with scenes of country life, while exploring the less-travelled spaces of the grieving heart.”

– Dimity Knight, author of Turning the Wingnut and The Name Thief of Neverland

“A gripping account of old memories and new discoveries as a man closes-up his childhood home after a challenging relationship with his recently buried father.”

– Rick Eikel, author of House with a Heart

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