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For thousands of years philosophers and religious thinkers have written about the soul. Hardly surprising, for soul is what human experience is all about. Ideas have been plentiful and interesting. Historically, soul has been understood as immaterial, as spirit-like, until recently modern science and psychology joined the fray. They consider the concept of spirit outdated and soul a body manifestation. Scientifically, the phenomenon of soul is addressed in studies of the brain. Neurobiology is gaining considerable insights. The expectation is that one day brain function will reveal all.

The idea of people having a soul is readily accepted. Soul is central to a person’s consciousness and every moment of awareness involves the soul. It reflects attitude, mind and emotions and is an indicator of wellbeing. It is no surprise that the reality of soul has been commented on throughout the ages. Aristotle had distinct ideas about it, as did St Augustine and other philosophers. Novelists have dealt with the nature of soul in many varied ways. These days the fields of biology, medicine and psychology are the new frontier.

Findings will remain limited when the dynamic of spirit is excluded. This view is held by many and not only by religious people. Life feels so much larger than merely being a body manifestation. Something else must be in play and it is called spirit. But what might the idea of spirit entail?

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