Terraotta Travellers and Other Stories of Life


An anthology of stories of faith.

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An anthology of true life stories of the faith and religious experiences of regular people.

Terracotta Travellers is the eighth Stories of Life anthology, brimful of ordinary people’s brushes with the divine. Sometimes God reveals glimpses of his backstage machinations in the course of our daily grind. This is a collection of forty-one such instances.

The movement and transition suggested by this year’s title story and several others is part of being human. These disparate writers from all walks of life embody some of our unique journeys, whether geographically, caught in one of life’s stages, or simply learning to ride a bike. Sometimes we are on set trajectories, other times we have no clue where we may be headed, yet at any moment, our God of love may meet us. You’ll surely be refreshed, encouraged, or inspired by the true-life tales you find here.

this (2023 edition) is the eighth book in the series.

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