The Art of Accompanying


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If you have ever been deeply and profoundly listened to you will understand the beautiful gift of being accompanied. In this book there are insights into the art of accompanying – ways to be with others as they tune into the heartbeat and significance of their life journey. Ways to help them discover and to draw from the wisdom that reveals itself at the centre of experience and ways to help them find and understand the spiritual threads, the meanings, the light and their purpose.

Our hope is that you will join us in crafting this extraordinary and wonderful practice within yourself and in the world.


This short book is full of gems to encourage us to walk with others, accompanying them to become a ‘restorative and healing presence in the world.’ Through accompanying an individual or a group or organisation, we can help others to discover ‘… an abundant life; a helpful and hopeful life. A life that contributes to making the world a kinder and safer space.’

The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

It’s not every day that a reader gets an invitation to be intentionally curious, contemplative and observant – all in the first sentence. Enjoy. I did.

The Very Reverend Frank Nelson, Dean of St Peters Cathedral, Adelaide, South Australia

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