the Teacher is not a Troll


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Dai and Bear are totally ordinary kids.

Well, not totally ordinary, there is the fact that they are pages training to be knights of the Order of Pendragon one day. And their mother is a dragon-wrangler who works for the fire department. And their Dad works for the city council so he can make sure no one builds a pergola on a goblin warren. And they regularly fight monsters. Other than that they are pretty ordinary.

Oh, and they’re fairly certain their school headmaster is a troll.

There is still some doubt about the teacher though…

Catch Tilly spends every moment she can in her imagination. When forced into ‘real life’ she works as an actor, scriptwriter, carer for her autistic daughter and sparring partner for her husband, who is a professional swordsman.

As a bonus, you can find some lessons about real life sword fighting in the book. 

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