Patrick Crabtree and his sister Janet are faced with the task of going through their father’s belongings and preparing the family farm for sale after his death. The difficult relationship they had with their father, especially after the loss of their mother, was always going to make this a painful task. What they discover in the process, however, changes everything they thought they knew about their family. The question for Patrick and Janet is whether these revelations will further drive their own lives into dysfunctionality, or whether, just perhaps, they might provide the impetus for healing.

In Crabtree, King takes the reader on a nostalgic journey into a past that was never what it seemed, explores a present filled with regret for what might have been, and suggests a future that still holds hope.

Dymphna Lonergan began creating this book as a learning aid for Irish language friends in South Australia and later as a way of recording some events in her life. The English and Irish versions of the stories run parallel on the left and right to allow multi-lingual readers to strengthen their use of the new language.

When news arrives that the cursed Malagara have escaped from the Forgotten Isle where they have been imprisoned for hundreds of years, princess Isyllia’s world is turned upside down. She now needs to decide if she will stay in the kingdom she once loved and watch as her enemy tears apart everything she cares about. Or will she find the courage to face her destiny, and embrace a future as a chosen one, someone she has been raised to fear and hate. Will she save her world, or be forced to destroy it again?

This is Book 1 of the Age of Menethon series.

Peggy continues her now-deceased father, Eric Lewinsohn’s, autobiography about his parents’ murder at Auschwitz and his escape from Nazi Germany and his life on the other side of those tragic events.

The Labyrinth is the sixth instalment of the Stories of Life series. It contains a great variety of subject matter. However, one recurring thread in this year’s stories is that of disaster experiences, from boating wrecks, car accidents, plane crashes, to natural events like tornadoes and bushfires. Some are set within hospital wards and Intensive Care Units. Many of the stories this year are transformation stories, that is, accounts of lives that have been radically altered by a caring intervention of others, recognised as the hand of God at work. The writers of this year’s stories of life are to be commended for their willingness to share about the place of God in their lives and their deep gratitude for divine support in times of crisis.

Long-time scripture performer Philip Liebelt’s scripts for liturgical and biblical storytelling, including:The Innkeeper of Jericho
Zacchaeus, the Backstory
Jairus – A Leader of the Synagogue
The Temptations of Jesus according to a former Apprentice Devil
A Blind Man sees Jesus enter Jerusalem
Demos – Former Jailer of Philippi

… and many more

Conscience is a survival tool for humankind, hammered out over millennia on the anvil of life experience. It is where our ideas of morality, right and wrong, fairness and honour live. If we outsource these to the law we need to be sure that they will be in safe hands. 

This book discusses some important concepts. ‘Unconscionable’ – not in accord with conscience. ‘Unconscionable but not illegal’. Profitable but not honourable. It investigates the link between democracy and conscience, showing that democracy needs support from the conscience. At the base of every threat to democracy is an unconscionable act.

Putting political utterings to the ‘pub test’? This is the handbook you need for that task!

A poetic witness to a life lived with all senses blazing. Christine invites the reader on an intimate and corporeal journey through honest and sometimes troubling years.

David Tensen, author of The Wrestle. 

Welcome to a life much lived. These poems hold much wisdom from deep life experience. Read them slowly and tenderly

Mary Cutts, author of Journey of Becoming.

Join Fred, Sue and Ann as they discover life-changing principles from God’s Word about what to do with the money they earn. With activities for kids to enjoy, they will learn how to be stewards, cheerful givers and help change lives forever. Learn to save and also spend wisely. “Money Rocks” is an excellent guide to sowing into God’s eternal kingdom, and setting up life-long money habitudes. It can be used individually, as a family, or a resource for teaching in a children’s ministry program for 8 – 13 year olds.

The Swimmer is the fifth instalment of the Stories of Life series. In it, people from around the world share their extraordinary stories of faith and life. Some tales are humorous, others are entertaining and upbeat. But not all are happy stories. Many writers describe how they were found by a loving God in the midst of doubts and great suffering, and the circumstances don’t always get easier. But the message still comes through loud and clear that God is faithful, near and active in the lives of ordinary people. A poignant tale about a swimmer, which points to the extraordinary beauty and vitality of the human spirit, is this year’s title story. In all of these stories, we discover that there is something extraordinary to be seen when God works in the lives of ordinary people.

If you have ever been deeply and profoundly listened to you will understand the beautiful gift of being accompanied. In this book there are insights into the art of accompanying – ways to be with others as they tune into the heartbeat and significance of their life journey. Ways to help them discover and to draw from the wisdom that reveals itself at the centre of experience and ways to help them find and understand the spiritual threads, the meanings, the light and their purpose.

Our hope is that you will join us in crafting this extraordinary and wonderful practice within yourself and in the world.

A diagnosis of cancer evokes strong feelings, from the first disbelief and confusion through stages of fear and distress, sometimes anger, and always uncertainty about what the next day will bring. Marking Time – A Chronicle of Cancer is a record of this time, offered by someone who has navigated the road, in the hope that those reading it will feel less alone.

Fourth in the Stories of Life series, Papa’s Shoes is a collection of true stories of faith, written by ordinary people who encounter God somehow, somewhere. Some of these stories are set, as you might expect, in hospital wards and graveyards, on mountaintops and in churches. But others take place along city roads, rural roads, manicured gardens, weed-infested ones, home kitchens and fast-food chains. 

Mark Worthing’s poetic exploration of the wonders of the English Alphabet. 26 free verse poems, each 26 lines long delving into the  development, history, cultural and literary significance of each of the 26 English letters. 
   It also contains explanatory notes about each poem’s content and has both illustrations and cover art by Ben Morton.

An anthology of poetry about the history of the author’s family and home in Canada.

McKean’s Mills: “That’s what it was still called when I was old enough to read a map of Grey County. It’s not now, of course; a school, a few houses and a timber mill don’t qualify any more. But then it was important and not just for Andrew and Lizzie McKean. The mill provided both timber and employment. The school was the only one for miles so the kids came. And the teacher boarded at Lizzie’s across the road.”

A humorous look at life through the eyes of a young geeky guy with a unique sense of humour. Tragically, Cedric did not survive his battle with mental illness to see his art work in print, but his friends and family have collected it and presented it in finished form so that it may be enjoyed by all.

Fictionary: /’fɪkʃə’neri:/ noun; a book full of made up words and amusing (but ultimately pointless) daffynitions.

This is the “Fierst Endition” of a painstakingly alphabetised and sporadically proofread catalogue of fabricated neologisms and somewhat humorous daffynitions, featuring phonetic pronunciation guides.