A diagnosis of cancer evokes strong feelings, from the first disbelief and confusion through stages of fear and distress, sometimes anger, and always uncertainty about what the next day will bring. Marking Time – A Chronicle of Cancer is a record of this time, offered by someone who has navigated the road, in the hope that those reading it will feel less alone.

Fourth in the Stories of Life series, Papa’s Shoes is a collection of true stories of faith, written by ordinary people who encounter God somehow, somewhere. Some of these stories are set, as you might expect, in hospital wards and graveyards, on mountaintops and in churches. But others take place along city roads, rural roads, manicured gardens, weed-infested ones, home kitchens and fast-food chains. 

Mark Worthing’s poetic exploration of the wonders of the English Alphabet. 26 free verse poems, each 26 lines long delving into the  development, history, cultural and literary significance of each of the 26 English letters. 
   It also contains explanatory notes about each poem’s content and has both illustrations and cover art by Ben Morton.

An anthology of poetry about the history of the author’s family and home in Canada.

McKean’s Mills: “That’s what it was still called when I was old enough to read a map of Grey County. It’s not now, of course; a school, a few houses and a timber mill don’t qualify any more. But then it was important and not just for Andrew and Lizzie McKean. The mill provided both timber and employment. The school was the only one for miles so the kids came. And the teacher boarded at Lizzie’s across the road.”

A humorous look at life through the eyes of a young geeky guy with a unique sense of humour. Tragically, Cedric did not survive his battle with mental illness to see his art work in print, but his friends and family have collected it and presented it in finished form so that it may be enjoyed by all.

Fictionary: /’fɪkʃə’neri:/ noun; a book full of made up words and amusing (but ultimately pointless) daffynitions.

This is the “Fierst Endition” of a painstakingly alphabetised and sporadically proofread catalogue of fabricated neologisms and somewhat humorous daffynitions, featuring phonetic pronunciation guides.