getting published

So you’ve got a completed MS (manuscript) that you’d like to see published?

We can help you.

We offer a myriad of services that you might want to take advantage of.
Firstly if you’re unsure what to do, we recommend sending a cover letter with a brief synopsis and a short excerpt (your first 5 pages is a fair place to start.) You can find some tips about this part in our FAQ section.

We will have a look over your work to determine what kind of help your MS needs and email you a recommendation. This service costs $20 and does not impart any obligation. All of our services are optional – you may choose whether you wish to use them or not.

  • For very clean texts we recommend having a proofreader check the MS for errors.
  • For texts that have significant evidence of typos or grammatical issues we will recommend a more intensive editing pass.
  • For texts that have more substantial issues we will recommend a writer coaching period in which we can give more detailed notes and feedback to improve the text.
You may choose to forgo these steps if you are sure your MS is already thoroughly checked and free of errors, but we recommend that you ensure at least one or two other people have checked for errors.
  • If illustration is required, it is best to begin by making a list of which specific illustrations are needed, where they should occur in the text, and what they must/must not include.
  • Once the text and any accompanying matter is completed the typesetting can be done, this will set the total number and dimensions of pages in the final book, the placement of illustrations, chapter headings contents tables and other similar elements.
  • Cover art can be created at this point to fit the page dimensions and spine width.
You may provide your own illustrations, cover art, and/or do your own typesetting if you (or someone you know) is able.
  • books to be made available for sale require an ISBN
  • The internal text/contents PDF and the external cover PDF can be uploaded.
  • a proof copy can be purchased for review before sales begin.
Immortalise can do these steps for you, and then your book will be officially published by Immortalise. Alternatively, you may do these steps yourself if you would like to host your own book and be self published. If you want to do this but don’t know how, we can provide a tutorial session (or several) on how to do this yourself.